Sunday, 22 May 2011

FACT - Knowledge Lives Everywhere 1st April - 12 June 2011

I recently went to see the 'Knowledge Lives Everywhere exhibition at FACT.

"Knoledge Lives Everywhere places these unique projects and ideas at the heart of the FACT building, turning FACT into a playground of ideas, and a space that showcases the collaborations between artists, thinkers, communities and individuals."

The exhibition had several areas, the first being a media lounge, where the viewer is invited to not only listen to stories told by people in Merseyside, but to also leave their own responses and stories. The area is dressed like a house and the audience can share their own stories by writing them down in a book, typing them on an old typewriter, or recording them on a telephone.

'The Social Playground' was made by local community groups in collaboration with the artist collective Aberrant Architecture, and contains seven interactive architectural pieces which each explores a different part of FACTs Collaboration Programme and its relationship to the city. 

Map work

Since Christmas i have been working alot with paper, and focusing on continuing the work i was doing with maps. Initially i was working inside AtoZ's, cutting out the spaces 'between the lines', but this became problematic, because the sheets were double sided and so only one side made sense and it no longer worked as a book. After this i began creating them on plain white paper, i liked this effect because although you can tell it is a map, its difficult to tell exactly what or where its from, also the plain white makes the likes look more delicate and 'web like'. To present this work i've currently used black frames, with the pieces raised away from the wall, to create intricate shadows behind the pieces, however this is still a work in progress and i am going to carry on exploring the piece, and experiment with how to present it. 

Royal Wedding Tea Party

Inspiration For The Upton Workshop

Upton Workshops

 During my workshop at the school I looked at artists whos work could inspire the students towards making their own pieces based on the stained glass windows of the schools chapel, we then used ipod touches to take photos of aspects and patterns from the windows, the chapel and around the school, which the students then used to created designs which they painted onto clear plastic using brightly coloured acrylic.