Monday, 28 February 2011


Upton Hall School Project

During our workshops we are planning on splitting the group into two smaller groups to work on different techniques, and then switching over half way through to help the girls incorporate the maximum amount of ideas and techniques into their final piece for the project.

The first session with the students will focus around talking about what we would like the achieve for the project, and focusing the students ideas for a narrative for the project into a brainstorm and then a storyboard. Once we have a narrative decided we will divide the story up into sections, students will have part of the story to intemperate for themselves throughout the project. We will also write down all the initial ideas for the pieces to reference at the end of the piece. There will also be a big focus about what kind of impact/atmosphere we want the Rosary Walk to have, and how best to achieve this by the end of the project.

In the second half of the first session we will have the whole group doing an origami workshop.

The second workshop with the students will be about felt making techniques and a pottery workshop, looking at how we could use beads and wind chimes in the piece.

In the third session we will be looking at painting with acrylics onto plastic and natural materials, as well as other painting techniques like emulsion transfer. The other group will be looking at sculpture with natural materials.

Our last session with the students will be used to create or work into their final idea for the project. By this point we hope they will each be creating and developing their own different ideas from the starting points we have shown them. At the end of the session we will also ask them to write a short statement about their work and how it relates to the narrative.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Some old photos from an exhibition we took part in with Royal Standard in the Crypt at NOVAS, Liverpool last year, beginning with my piece for the project. 

..thinking more about Upton Hall School

We have been talking more today about how we  want to progress with our ideas for our project at Upton Hall School. After being told that we can show our work in the grounds on an evening we really want to focus on exaggerating the magical feel the path already has. 

We really want to create work that will slot into the existing path, making use of the small clearings in places around the walkway. We are also looking into the idea of using out-door lighting and pieces of mirrors, not only to show the pieces, but also to help us create the enchanting atmosphere we want the project to have. 

One of our biggest inspirations when walking around the school was the colourful stain glass in the chapel, and so we really want to incorporate the kind of imagery and colours used in the windows, bringing that outside into the walk.

We would be looking to create these 'window' pieces using a range of materials, possibly incorporating natural materials to fit with the surroundings.

Also we are really interested in the history of school, especially as the path leads down to a grave site where the nuns are buried, and we are currently looking at ways of using the history in our piece, possibly though a story we can weave around the path.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Upton Hall School

Im currently working on a group exhibition project with two of my friends, Antonia Clarke, and Kathleen Maginn.

When first planning what kind of an exhibition we wanted to do we decided that we wanted to create some of our own work relating to the project but we also felt it would be interesting to share this project with the community, and give others the chance to help decide the direction of our project, and final outcome.

An idea we had was to get students of different ages involved in creating and displaying there own ideas.

We decided the best way to do this was by running a series of workshops with students from Upton Hall School, and encouraging them to explore different ways of expressing the chosen topic.


We wanted to chose a theme that the students we would be working with engage with understand and relate to, but that also has also has enough scope that they can interoperate it in their own, different ways.

We thought about themes relating to ‘place’, we could ask them to think about where they live, their city, or a place they have been too, or even a site specific piece, which would then involve and interact with the place it was displayed. We saw how well this idea can work in a piece by Maria Isabel Gaudinez-Aquilizan and Alfredo Juan Aquilizan called ‘Passage which was shown in the Tate during this years Biennial. In the piece they asked people from Liverpool to create boats out of cardboard boxes, which they then displayed though out their gallery space.

We are very interested in creating a piece for Upton Hall School grounds. The grounds surround the school and consist of a long walk-way where the children can get in touch with the outdoors.

It will be interesting to get a different point of view of the subject from the students; we can then collate the pieces and chose what will be appropriate for the exhibition.

During this process it will be important for us to stay in contact with the school, getting information about what they want, and listening to the students ideas, and being involved in workshops with the students would be a good way to do this.