Friday, 22 October 2010

'Whistle In The Dark' - Ed Baxter Talk

A few weeks ago we went to hear the one of the ‘Touched’ Talks , taking place as part of the Liverpool Biennial, ‘Whistle In The Dark’, by Ed Baxter, who is the station manager at the arts radio station ‘Resonance FM’.

It was quite complex and hard to follow but the bits I did catch went someway to explaining the point I am trying to make in my own work. Part of the point I am currently trying to explore in my own project is how people feel uncomfortable to stare at someone strange or disfigured in the street, and will usually look away, but as soon as the same thing is on TV or in the media we are happy to explore every aspect of their lives.

During the talk Ed Baxter touched on Freud’s theory that the ‘stage’ is used as a barrier for ‘hygiene’. The audience wants to be close enough to see every detail happening on the ‘stage’ and yet far enough away that whatever is happening there never has to have any real effect on their own lives.

Are we living life like this?

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