Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Ryan Trecartin - Trill-ogy Comp (2009)

Three of Ryan Trecartin's videos were being shown in the basement of the main Biennial site, 52 Renshaw Street, and were one of the first Biennial pieces i saw.

In the 'Biennial Guide Book' Frances Loeffer says,

"Trill-ogy Comp doesn't so much 'touch' you in the gentle sense, as pull you in, shake you up, absorb you, and then set you down, reeling. The works are visually, aurally and emotionally assaulting, leaving our senses disrupted and our thought processes open to new perspectives on the world."

The three pieces 'K-CorealNC.K (section a)', 'Sibling Topics (section a)', and 'P.opular (section ish)', all feature strange, high-energy, almost genderless characters, who make little sense, repeating the same odd catch-phrases over and over again. 

After moving through the videos, and beginning to become accustom to the choppy cutting, and editing i began to see the similarities to the types of shows been shown on MTV - the same over the top characters and dramas. The same realisation that what i was seeing made no sense, and the same compulsion to keep watching anyway.

These videos definitely influenced me into looking at how these 'reality dramas' could be used in my own work.

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