Sunday, 30 January 2011

As well as thinking about how to use paper in art, I have been looking at the idea of globalisation, a subject we are
currently looking at in our lecture series. Im becoming very interested in how changes in technology and travel are
influencing how we live on a basic level, and how places and people seem to be coming closer together in someways and further apart in others. I begain to think about how i could use that idea in my own work.

I started by looking at map books, specifically road atlases and was stuck by how much of an art object they already are.  looking at the thousands of lines stretched across the page wiggling in and out of each other, I tried to picture how these places looked in real life, and  also thought about how big a country - let alone world, we are actually living in. I also spoke to and American couple who had recently moved here, and commented on how difficult and complicated the roads here are in comparison to the wide straight roads they were used to in America.

I started working on cutting our all the small spaces between the roads in my AtoZ to leave a skeleton, web-like effect, especially when the pages where turned over, to just a tangle of white paper, and looking at the effect created when theses pages were layered over each other

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