Tuesday, 8 February 2011

..thinking more about Upton Hall School

We have been talking more today about how we  want to progress with our ideas for our project at Upton Hall School. After being told that we can show our work in the grounds on an evening we really want to focus on exaggerating the magical feel the path already has. 

We really want to create work that will slot into the existing path, making use of the small clearings in places around the walkway. We are also looking into the idea of using out-door lighting and pieces of mirrors, not only to show the pieces, but also to help us create the enchanting atmosphere we want the project to have. 

One of our biggest inspirations when walking around the school was the colourful stain glass in the chapel, and so we really want to incorporate the kind of imagery and colours used in the windows, bringing that outside into the walk.

We would be looking to create these 'window' pieces using a range of materials, possibly incorporating natural materials to fit with the surroundings.

Also we are really interested in the history of school, especially as the path leads down to a grave site where the nuns are buried, and we are currently looking at ways of using the history in our piece, possibly though a story we can weave around the path.

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