Sunday, 21 November 2010

Maria Isabel Gaudinez-Aquilizan and Alfredo Juan Aquilizan - Passage (Project Another Country) (2010)

'Passage' has been visually one of my favourite pieces commissioned for 'Tate Liverpool' as part of the 'touched' project.

Through their work the artists were trying to consider how the lives of people in Australia (where they are from), relates to the life of those in Liverpool. They use the sea as a metaphor for our longing for a better life; "how and where to do we project our dreams and longings?"

They had asked people in Liverpool to create boats using cardboard boxes (as a metaphor for moving, I think?)Presenting them across the gallery space, asking the audience to walk across the bridge through the middle and look down on the piece.

Although I loved walking around the piece, I'm not sure I would of ever understood what the artists were trying to say though the piece without also Reading about it, and think that it was slightly narrow minded for them not think that everybody in Liverpool is dreaming of moving somewhere 'better'.

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  1. The work in a way reference the maritime history of Liverpool that goes over 800 years, also Liverpool being a major port of departure of migrants during the 19th and early 20th Century.

    The piece also looks back into the migration history as a whole serving as a metaphor on contemporary issues with reference to communities, movement, erasure of boundaries, settlements and resettlements, journeys and the narratives of diaspora of the 21st century.

    thanks for your post.

    Alfredo+Isabel Aquilizan