Monday, 22 November 2010

Alfredo Jaar - We Wish To Inform You That We Didn't Know (2010)

Alfredo Jaar created the video installation 'We Wish To Inform You That We Didn't Know' as a response to the indifference the world had shown to the Rwandan genocide which claimed over a million lives.

He had already created twenty five different pieces on this subject from 1994 to 2000, before creating this video piece after returning to Rwanda, having been invited to create a monument in remembrance of the victims. The video 'We Wish To Inform You That We Didn't Know' was Jaars attempt to gain closure for the project.

The piece is being shown in what once was 'The Scandinavian Hotel'.

The video is quite simple, using three screens, and beginning with a BBC news report, followed by an apology from Clinton in which he comments he was 'not aware of what was happening'. The video continues by interviewing three Rwandans who managed to survive the genocide.

Jaar seems to put all of the blame in the video in Clinton, - although his apology did make him an easy target for this. However i also felt that the title 'We Wish  To Inform You We Didn't Know', summed up how i felt coming after watching the video, I really was not aware of  what happened there, and the video helped remind me that we are all responsible for our own ignorance.

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