Friday, 5 November 2010

NS Harsha -Star Gazers (2010)

I went to see NS Harsha's piece 'Star Gazers' which was created for the Liverpool Biennial and is located on the top floor of the old Rapid Building on Renshaw Street. For me this piece really did capture the sprit of the biennial title, 'touched', as the viewer is forced to become physically involved in the piece. 

The 'sky gazers' are painted on the floor, with a low mirror forming the ceiling of the room, making everything seem smaller and further enforcing the idea that you as the audience are now involved in the piece.

You are invited into the piece, and look up into the mirror at not only the piece, but also at yourself at the same time.

I wondered through most of the exhibition, but Harsha's piece seemed to captivate everybody to sit down and actually absorb the work, rather than pass straight through

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