Sunday, 21 November 2010

Do Ho Suh - Bridging Home (2010)

Do Ho Suh is described as having his art and life split between two worlds; his home country of Korea and his adopted one of America. For me this piece summed this situation up perfectly.

To walk past the traditional Koran house on Duke Street is quite unnoticeable, (i actually had walked up and down the street so many times without noticing the little house) but as soon as you stop and look at the piece the culture clash seems amazing!

The little wooden shack couldn't be more different from the huge brick buildings either side of it, in the same way i imagine someone to feel when moving from a country like Korea to a western country like America or England. The odd angle the shack seems to of been wedged at also made me feel the artist was trying to say it never quite fits, no matter how much it can seem to blend into the background.

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