Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sachiko Abe - Cut Papers (2010)

I visted the 'A Foundation' in Liverpool recently to see 'Cut Papers' by Sachiko Abe, and was completly captured by the piece.

Having already walked around the rest of the gallery, i was not expecting the piece at all.

In the Biennial Guide, Abe is quoted as saying that her work is "neither beautiful, nor meditational", but for me personally after seeing the work i could not find this discription further from the reality!

Walking into the empty factory space, and seeing Sachiko Abe sat at the top of her tower, dressed all in white and looking very much like a china doll (in complete contrast to her history, where she worked for the Self-Defence Forces in Japan), and surrounded by delicate twisted paper clippings, it was impossible for me not to think of those fairytale images from Rapunzel. She looked very much like the princess waiting to be rescued from her tower, although perhaps in this case she wanted to be rescued from herself rather than a wicked queen.

The quiet of the space, with only the snipping sound of the scissors on paper added to the hypnotic feeling the piece already gave off.

The Performance piece was complemented perfectly but the detailed repetitive ink drawings in the downstairs section of her 'tower'. I couldn't help but think of the time and monotony involved in creating these drawings.

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